Saturday, November 23, 2013

Observations: Feeding at the Trough of White Supremacy - Thoughts on Bell Hooks, Safety and obedience

As a Black transgender woman of faith I think the words of Bell Hooks are apt as I engage white supremacy in my own people. I find that a lot of my people channel white supremacy so well that I doubt that they know who they are at times. Now I don't speak of all of my people for I am sure that the Black folk I encounter are the "minority" but as I engage my beloved Black people on the street I find that our formation on the plantation is a primary influence on our Blackness here in America, it is deeper that we would ever care to admit.  I write here of that double consciousness spoken and written of by W. E. B. Du Bois which I suggest is rooted in Franz Fanon's Black Skin, White Mask  and the White Gaze, seemingly a matter of adopting the Grand Narrative of white desire as aptly reflected on by the late Argentinian Theologian Marcella Althaus Reid (1952- 2009) as the preeminent economic faculty and obedience grounded in the plantation experience.  A fair amount of Black folk I talk to see values, images and productions of identity learned on the plantation as the primary and only means of so called success as established by the white plantation owner and see whatever hope there might be in those terms. I ask, "Is there hope outside of the plantation?" Outside of the master-slave paradigm. That said, as a transgender person I engage this whole idea of safety as a value in white supremacy to keep the master-slave paradigm in place, to ensure Black people and people of color know their place and this determined by the plantation owner. Now the hope is that we break free of this narrative delinking our survival as a people from white supremacy. Now I know that there are a whole lot of folk happy with white supremacy, they have mastered the art of oppression and lynching able to become a part of the system but I suggest that unless we break free we shall continue to be enslaved only existing at the beck and call of the master for their safety