Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Experience as Ultimate Truth, Thoughts on the Cosmic Spirit and John Coltrane

The sojourner's experiences speak loudly the truth that is their life, and this is the ultimate truth as everything else is a matter learning someone else's experience and the hearsay associated.  The sojourner's life and their experience is their ultimate truth.  In this, love moves through and through yielding the hope and strength needed so desperately by the sojourner.   And this my beloved becomes a dynamic faith, full of colorful grace and mercy, at times, yielding intense emotion.  Experience as the ultimate truth of the sojourner makes their faith tenacious as an appeal towards  the circumstances and situations of this life.  Truth then lies in the sojourner and this in oneness with the cosmic spirit.   This becomes as the pyramid of old, of ancient knowledge of an endless of cosmic universal truth, that the sojourner is the truth of the cosmic spirit, they are the very evidence of supreme cosmic spiritual knowledge.  The said the sojourner moves each moment of their day as the embodiment of universal energy. 
      So it is that they move in their energy and in their truth and no other.  Rising with the morning sun I see an image of a flower, yes, a yellow follower as it blooms in the bright spring day.  It is here a living form of cosmic energy, it is alive and therefore true and without variable.  Truth resides with the flower and this is ultimate truth. And this is what Jesus, Gandhi, Buddha and Muhammad and other teachers knew, that liberation emerges as the sojourner recognizes themselves as the truth of an evidentiary thought of the cosmic spirit and this as a matter of supreme love.  As I write this post I am listening to John Coltrane make beautiful music, it is jazz at its best, a most enlightened act.  Yes, and for me jazz is that enlightened act of provocation that reveals melodies reflective of the sojourner's oneness with the cosmic spirit.  And this is Coltrane's greatest contribution to Jazz.  He is a particular embodiment of cosmic energy and his Jazz is reflective of his liberation, his style and his movement in oneness with the cosmic spirit as he acknowledges that he is the provocative act of supreme love.  Jazz then, as lived out by the sojourner is a holistic act of truth rooted in a provocation indicative of supreme love.
     The sojourner recognizing themselves and their experiences as ultimate truth is cognizant then of the vital importance of liberation and the intense need to overcome oppressions which are not the ultimate truth but an illusion, and a myth.  Beloved once we see ourselves and our experiences as the ultimate truth, oppressions which are embodiments of  illusion and myths become unsustainable.
Monica Joy Cross copyright June 2013