Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Life of a Transgender Person

The life of the transgender person though fraught with all types and levels of violence can be an avenue towards a deep personal faith.  It is my humble opinion that the trans person should be primarily a person of faith whatever that faith would be.  Simply put this is what it takes - there is no other way.  In a society colonized by and through definitions the transgender person presents a heavy burden to the colonized mind.  That said, the colonized mind can be very violent and at times even deadly.  The transgender person more than anything else reveals the delicate nature of the lie perpetrated on humanity by the colonizer.  I remember meeting a native American shaman at a greyhound bus stop years ago who said that the trans people were highly favored even at the center of the community but when the colonizer came in he taught them differently.  Beloved this lie has come down through the last 2 to 4 centuries (basically the life space of the United States thus far) appearing true but a lie is a lie.  Simple as that.  I think that as people and society wake up from colonization the idea of heterosexual dominance will be seen for the lie that it is.  And this becomes a hope lived out more and more.