Friday, January 3, 2014

Thoughts on the Passing of a Dear Friend or Points of light, Points of Grace, the incarnation

I sit here at the local coffeeshop reflecting on life and her movement within my journey.  The twists and turns, the joys, the happy times, times of sadness, the sorrows and disappointments, the stuff of a well rounded life.   I also think upon a good friend whose light has departed from this world.  This is the origin of this post.

The joy of a new year and the passing of a dear friend provides a space to ponder the meaning of transition.  Just what does it mean, how do I make sense of it all in the midst of a constantly moving and dynamic life.  As there are many types of transitions, i.e., physical, emotional, spiritual, religious, a mulititude, I am mindful that transitions are movements, a mystical transformation if you will, of the incarnation.  Each one of these movements compelling me to look up, over, and beyond my own footprints within that incarnation.

As I think upon the passing of this dear friend I reflect upon this movement, this compelling event of the incarnation.  Through this passing I see that light of grace embodied in my dear friend making the incarnation that sacred space of divine import.  So life, at least in my limited estimation, that embodiment of love, is infused with the many brilliant lights of God of which you and I are one.

And while this act becomes the sorrow of my soul, that the light of my friend is gone from this world, I know their light shines bright over the horizon and I too will make that journey and see them again someday.