Friday, July 11, 2014

Awaken to your true and authentic nature or The Great Commonwealth of Love, the ultimate desire of the Cosmic Divine Presence

Systems and processes, and the people, who advocate and support such, no matter their sociocultural political outlook, become a means to maintain peculiar separations for the sake of survival.   Survival, defined here as a construction of scarcity for the sake of the few has been a root cause of many oppressions heaped upon a humanity which daily struggles for liberation. Tribalism, division, and segregation interpreted here as deceptions have been a requiem for disaster causing much suffering and pain and grief.   In the midst of this most intimate of tragedies one must somehow find a hope within themselves, to awaken from this tragedy towards a renewed mind, heart and soul, they must desire to be awakened.   
Awakened, they become enlightened to their oneness with all creation which is the true and authentic nature of existence, this nature resting on a sure foundation of cosmic divine desire.  Cosmic divine desire is the source of all being.    This cosmic divine desire is enfleshed in what is called "A Commonwealth of Love."  It is a vehicle of that desire and the call of the human soul.  Having apprehended the oneness with all creation, the one who is awakened and enlightened embraces this Commonwealth of Love as a constant companion.  
For them love is the commonwealth of all creation and becomes the ground of their interaction with that creation.  Engaging difference and diversity becomes a means to experience the intimacy of this great commonwealth of love and in this there really isn’t any difference and as such no deception.  They live out of divine abundance understanding that all creation is but a reflection and embodiment of the divine presence and this as a matter of desire. 
Beloved, desire is the great host of imagination.  The divine presence desires companionship and mother earth, her children and the cosmos represent that desire.   Life then, defined in the context of relationship, is the ultimate desire of the divine presence.  As long as the divine presence longs for relationship, creation will continue to exist.   That said, whatever your heart desires is what you will receive and this of a mystical understanding since rarely does anyone ever fully know their heart beyond notions of the finite.  Beloved, desire is a constant universal which must be engaged, critiqued and interrogated if we are to take hold of this “Commonwealth of Love.”  The question for the reader is, "what is your desire and what is your desire grounded in?”  Is it grounded in worldly desires and the various constructions of scarcity or is it grounded in the divine presence which knows no lack?”  This is a question of the heart that must be pondered.
We now turn our attention to what I will call “mystical solidarity.”  Mystical solidarity, as a practical intimate concern, is the dynamic space within the Commonwealth of Love.    If the Commonwealth of Love is the framework or architecture, mystical solidarity represents the oneness of the divine-cosmic and the divine-human presence within that architecture, they move in solidarity or togetherness in the affairs of all creation.  Struggles for liberation, hope, freedom and justice, even life herself all contain mystical interaction.  Ok, let’s unpack this term.  The term mystical regards the transcendent; a negative space of mystery which resists definitions.  The mystical directly engages cosmic desire.  In a world which privileges the practical, and the easily understood as a matter of profit the mystical becomes a mental and even emotional stretch. As such, there is a particular uneasiness regarding the mystical and even the mystic as the sacred and the holy represent more and more the interaction of the cosmic-divine.  
That said, you and I, regardless of human constructions represent a mystical solidarity and in this sense we are the desire of the divine cosmic presence.  We are more than a tool of economic import for the sake of capital, culture and politics, we are the voice of divine cosmic desire, and we are its interaction.  You and I are the embodiment of mystical solidarity and in this sense we are the salvation, the transformation and the change we so long for.   This is the ultimate desire of the cosmic divine, that you and I would recognize our divine-human nature.