Saturday, November 29, 2014

Enslaved to Economic Necessity a Short Essay on Abuse in the United States By Monica Joy Cross

“The experience of the African, enslaved on the plantation becomes an avenue to enslave all at the feet of economic necessity, embodied in corporate structures, which reflect a particular capacity of state power to control, regulate and protect such interests which maintain positions of an inverted totalitarianism. “

I write the above statement from a primary point of observation.  This statement attained as I live on a vast plantation that exists as a matter of economic necessity and daily seek to gradually let go of those structures and systems of colonization and now globalization which support the plantation through thoughtful reflection and prayer considered modes of activism.  I no longer seek to represent the consumption necessary for a continued integrity of a grotesque structure which dehumanizes vast populations of people each day for some notion of material survival and profit for the few.  I find that I must, at all cost, transcend this normative state of affairs with its facilitation of abuse.  Facilitation, regarding material matters of empire, daily lead to states of abuse as the empire and the few who develop its agenda engage in activities of destabilization for the sake of profit, this profit constructed without regard to moral or ethical concerns or doctrines.  This disregard for moral and ethical concerns or doctrine is experienced as corporations continue to transform the earth and her offspring, in the midst of global warming, an ever increasing poverty, hunger and disease into manifestations of profit margins.
Wall Street and its corporations considered as agents of the state for the construction of culture, i.e. diverse forms of style, language and media, which queer the traditional stereotypes through various modes of consumption, cause a type of sleep, an orientation towards unconsciousness and grounded in a desire for capital.  The implications of this type of construction are a perverted humanity that exists in a state of illusion unable to break free of an inverted totalitarian regime.[1]  In light of the aforementioned inverted totalitarian regime “freedom of speech” has become a means for the media to facilitate these illusions no matter the identity, theology or politics.  So then, control of the population is maintained through a daily consumption of illusions most notably during the holiday season, endorsed by the Church, beginning with the Thanksgiving Day Macy’s parade.  That said illusion facilitates an evolved state of abuse which necessarily shapes personal as well as communal desires which are constructed for economic necessity.

This brand of empirical strategy, first adopted in the context of the enslaved African, and Willie Lynch, and now enslaving all people regardless of identification continues to evolve as the illusions sequester any vision of freedom beyond economic necessity.  Don’t get it twisted; the enslaved African was just the beginning.

My West African ancestors would have a lot to say about this enslavement.  I suggest that they might say, “Awaken from your consumption induced sleep.  Awaken from the illusion and know freedom and in essence your humanity once again.  Of course, who shall awaken you?”  Most importantly of all, “Do you want to be awakened?”